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EMS AC controller for
dynamic power distribution
at the location

The charging station will use the power that you do not use!

To maximize the use of available power at an EMS location, the controller measures the available power and enables the charging station(s) to use it.


EXW Price

Power distribution

The EMS AC Controller measures the available power that can be used to charge electric vehicles and transfers it to the charging station(s).

Power reserve

For stable operation, the hub needs twice as much power as the most powerful electrical appliance at the location.

Connection to CSMS

To improve management and ease of charging hub configuration, each charging station has access to our CSMS via the Internet.

Logic of the EMS AC
Controller operation

To demonstrate the logic of the EMS AC Controller, consider the following example:

  • The location has 1000 kW of input power;

  • The controller measures the current consumption of the location (for example, 800 kW);

  • The difference of 200 kW, minus the reserved power, is distributed among the charging stations of the location hub.



Location consumption


EMS AC Controller

Reserve 10kW

Hub consumption


Scheme of EMS operation

EMS AC Controller Scheme ENG

Data transfer

Power line (Local work)

Set charging profile (Network settings)

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